Smiling, bashfully, Johnny studied a Day Hab 004Facebook picture of his dog on Deena Holcomb’s cell phone.

“Go show your friends the picture of your dog,” Deena, who is a Day Hab DSP, said urging Johnny to interact with his Day Hab peers.

“Who’s that right here?” Deena continued, pointing to the picture on her phone in Johnny’s hands.

“Gigi,” Johnny whispered as a blush spread across his face.

The dinner-table kind of conversation moved on to Michelle who reported she’d listened to music the night before and ate spaghetti for dinner. And, Katie said she went for a long walk on the spring-like evening the night before. Nick reported he went to his mom’s house, watched TV and ate goulash and a salad. He added that weight control which included daily exercise was one of his goals.

“At Day Hab we work on goals and friendship,” Deena said, adding Nick’s goals include exercise, math and healthy plate portion.
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The group helps each other, often getting something for another, or picking up a bag for another, or helping someone find the right word to describe something.

“These are my friends,” Nick, who comes to Day Hab three times a week, said.

Nick volunteers for Meals on Wheels on Fridays and Mondays, a job he loves

“It’s an awesome opportunity for the guys,” Deena said, adding they hand out packages of food to the people. “They know exactly what the job is and they all have a good relationship.”

“It’s a lot of fun. Other people do it with me,” Nick said.

Angel loves reading and writing poems.

“My favorite book is The Hunger Games,” she said.

“Angel loves to write about animals,” Bill Steffen, DSP at Day Hab, added. “She wants to be a writer.”

Andrew, who was celebrating a birthday, loves rock stars and rock music.

“Who’s your favorite rock band?” Bill said, coaxing the tall young man to share with the group.

“Led Zeppelin,” he admitted shyly as the group cheered with a “YEAH.”
Stephanie, who loves art, was busy making a birthday card for Andrew.

“Yesterday was Andrew’s birthday but we didn’t know it,” Stephanie said, looking over at Andrew.

“So, I’m making his card now.”

What would their lives be like if they didn’t have Day Hab to come to, a place where they can share their stories, make friends, create cards for each other or write poems about favorite animals? While Day Hab is only one of the Agency’s many day programs and support services, it’s a special place where many gain support and encouragement to pursue their goals, even dream a bigger dream for themselves than they would have without the guidance of Deena and Bill.


YOU can help support Day Hab and the many other programs the ReHabilitation Center offers people with disabilities in the community with your financial contribution. Learn More about The Rehabilitation Foundation or Make a Donation


Artwork by Katie
Katie's art

Artwork by Stephanie

Stephanie's art

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