Niagara Floral Center and Greenhouse

A horticulture therapy program is provided at Intandem at the Niagara County location, which is vital in improving the body, mind and spirit of individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Most importantly, the program’s participants were given the freedom to make choices and give their input when creating the surrounding gardens and nature trail, which makes their beauty even more remarkable. 

Individuals enter the horticulture trade with varying disabilities while sharing a common interest and enthusiasm for working with plants and flowers. In this supportive environment, individuals acquire motor skill enhancement and pre-vocational skills. From preparing seed beds to filling orders for floral arrangements, they learn about the horticulture field while gaining a sense of accomplishment with visible results. It is the individuals themselves who nurture, plant and create the items which in turn are sold to the public.

Individuals with developmental disabilities must be enrolled in one of the agency’s day habilitation programs to be eligible to participate in the horticulture therapy.