About Us

Same People. Same Purpose. New Name.

In 2017, two regional chapters of NYSARC joined forces and embarked on a journey to set a new standard for collaboration among agencies serving individuals with disabilities.

The Rehabilitation Center, based in Olean, New York, and Opportunities Unlimited, based in Niagara Falls, New York, began the process of building a new, unified brand identity that will ultimately serve both organizations.

We identified the need to develop a ground-up ‘umbrella brand’ that will serve agencies in both Cattaraugus and Niagara Counties.

The two organizations have a rich history—both with the communities they serve and in which they serve, along with their independent brand identities. In identifying a parent brand, all parties worked together to craft a likeness that honors both the heritage of each agency and their combined mission to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Throughout the brainstorming meetings, one theme prevailed—togetherness. While the process, funding, legislation, and even definition of what it means to serve people with disabilities has changed dramatically over the tenure of our organizations, one thing that has not changed is the commitment to togetherness. Both organizations recognize that, as people, we’re better together—disabilities or not, Olean or Niagara, it doesn’t matter. Togetherness works.

One concept that so clearly defined togetherness lived within a familiar name—Intandem.

Developed in 2014 as a commercial marketing brand for Olean’s Subcon Industries, Intandem immediately draws the image of togetherness. Considering the operation of a tandem bicycle as a comparison, the metaphor is clear—it only works when you work together.

Please join in celebrating Intandem!