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So much has been said, so many statements have been published, and so many voices have cried out in protest over the past few weeks.  It makes one wonder if there is anything left to add to the conversation.  But there is, and it’s simply our voice.  To stand back in silence is to miss an opportunity to contribute to this critical national dialogue.

Many have described the recent acts of violence, brutality, racism, and intolerance as unprecedented. If that were true, though it would still be heart-breaking, perhaps it would be easier to explain as isolated, abhorrent behavior.  Unfortunately, these actions are not unprecedented; they have occurred before and throughout our history.  We can only hope that this will be the time that the American people refuse to rest until systemic change is effected.

Intandem’s corporate brand speaks of People, Purpose, and Progress.  We work for and believe in the dignity and worth of all people; we believe that all people must be treated with respect and given every opportunity to live fulfilling and inclusive lives; and we believe that we can be a force for positive change in our communities, standing in solidarity with all those who work for freedom, equality, justice, and accountability.  We wholly reject racial bias, intolerance, violence, and discrimination.

The COVID-19 emergency came upon us swiftly and changed the world in ways that we are still trying to comprehend and respond to.  As we began to address its impact on community health and economics, the Intandem agency adopted the tagline #INThisTogether.  We meant it then, and we mean it more than ever now.  True equality, unbiased justice, and lasting peace will only become a national reality when we all recognize and affirm that we are undeniably in this together.