SubCon and Employment Connection Hold Their 36th Annual Years of Service Event

The 36th annual SubCon Years of Service and Awards Banquet, held last Thursday, August 20th at Good Times of Olean, was a special one, thanks to generous community grants:

  o The Dr. Lyle F. Renodin Foundation – affiliated with the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany – provides financial support for this annual recog

nition event. Through the Renodin Foundation’s generosity we are able to provide the special gifts, plaques, and gift certificates for all the winners and gifts for all the people.

  o The Barby Ried Fund – A special gift from the Ried family to memory of their sister has enabled all of Barby’s friends at Subcon to spend the morning having ‘FUN IN THE SUN’! Everyone had a chance to bowl, play mini-golf, or corn hole the morning of the banquet. Thanks to Jim and Juanita Ried and their family for providing funds for parties and entertainment that Barby always enjoyed.

After the activities, lunch was served to awardees, guests and staff, followed by the awards reception. More than 200 people attended the event that honored employees with SubCon Industries and The Employment Connection in five-year increments and those with outstanding work achievements. Russ Hahn, COO, announced the names of award recipients and why they were being honored, while Mari Howard, CEO, handed out the awards. A quote was read for each person that acknowledged their work ethic, unique personality and/or positive attitude.

When naming Toni Biscup for 40 years of service at SubCon Industries, Russ read “Toni is a fun woman who enjoys joking with staff and making them laugh. She is always eager to work and proudly displays her paycheck each time she receives it. Thank you, Toni, for 40 wonderful years!” Cappy Dominic, was also honored for 40 years on the job at SubCon. Russ described him as “someone who is well known not only at SubCon, but wherever he goes and makes new friends

Thankyou to all who participated in the planning and executing of this event, especially the Subcon
and Employment Connection staff – Great Job!

Full List of awardees:
Years of Service
5 Years: Ronnie Waite (The Rehabilitation Center)
10 Years (Olean Subcon) Joshua Gagliardo, Lindsay Mable Coats, Michael Knapp, Sonyea Skinner
(The Rehabilitation Center), Matthew Myers (Mazza Sheet Metal), Lynn Weinaug (The Rehabilitation
Center ), Tim Mohr (Subcon, Intandem Cleaning, Liberty Tax, Canticle Farms)
15 Years: Michael Goss (Intandem Solutions) Dianna Smith (Olean Subcon) Bernie Snyder
(Walmart and TOPS)
20 Years: Karinza Berry (Salamanca Subcon) Christopher Caldwell (TOPS)
25 Years: Gary Broadwater (TOPS)
35 Years: Thomas Murphy (Olean Subcon), David Fox
(Intandem Solutions), Deborah Spinler (Basilica of St.
Mary’s) Douglas Straight (Olean Subcon)
40 Years: (Olean Subcon) Toni Biscup, “Cappy” Dominick,
Erik Hartburg

2018 Employee Recognition Awards
Olean Rising Star – Joshua Gagliardo
Olean Shining Star – Michael Scott Campbell
Salamanca Rising Star – Luke Spruce
Salamanca Shining Star – Jeffrey Felt
The Employment Connection Rising Star – Zachary Cooper
(Best Western)
Employment Connection Shining Star to Donald Salter (Epic Church)
Community Employee of the Year – Robert Edwards (Intandem Solutions), Larry Travis
Joslin Award Nominee – Shawn Costello
Building Brighter Futures Award – Michael Duhan