David Haynes, Community Habilitation Specialist, learned to crochet from his grandmother when he was 12. He now enjoys sharing his work and talent with others.

When Patsy Cradduck, Prevocational Supervisor, asked David to teach a group from SubCon how to crochet, he didn’t hesitate. Patsy has been redesigning the schedule of activities for site based prevoc based on the new regulations that expanded the service options. “I would really like to be able to offer more opportunities for hobby and skill development. Many of the individuals here are very talented,” she said.

David now teaches a regular group of 5-6 individuals from 9-10am every Tuesday. He said “Sometimes the group varies a little, but it’s usually the same people who participate.” David does a great job showing each person crocheting techniques and assisting as needed.

“At this point we are working on learning the fundamentals,” said David, ”I’m really not sure what we will be creating yet,“ The group talked about eventually making bracelets, scarves, and blankets once they get the basics down. According to David, The first step is learning the single stitch, which is a basic technique that can be used to create a variety of pieces.

David makes pot holders, table runners, blankets, bracelets, characters/animals, and much more. Some of his most popular creations are star war figures, which he says take him about 6 hours each. Other items that people seem to like are potholders and anything with unique colors and patterns. “I think the biggest challenge is having the patience,” said David.

Agency staff at SubCon are looking to grow this project, and are looking forward to involving more staff to share and teach their hobbies and skills. Their goal is to enhance skills and assist the work center employees to explore opportunities for future employment.