Learning job skills at PreVoc Bingo
prevoc bingo


Learning is often a subjective experience, drawing from each person’s individual strengths.  But, for everyone at the table from the PreVocational training program, a round of Careers Bingo stirred their creativity, igniting their interest and spiking their unique learning edge.

Excitement surged around the table in the SubCon dining area as each career skill was called out sending players scrambling to see if that particular job-related item was on their individual Bingo card.

“Most are in PreVoc here,” Chuck Meyers, Community PreVocational trainer, said as he called out job skills, sounding like a Bingo caller, laughing and helping the participants find matches.

“Each Career Bingo card has different skill sets for a position for which a person would be paid.”

Learning comes in a spirit of fun and light competition among the players as each one hopes to win a prize, but also more seriously anticipates placement in a job that would entail using some of the skills they’re learning about.

“You learn about different jobs in PreVoc,” Kim said.

“I like to fold,” Gail added, as she considered a PreVoc job she would like in the Pathways program.

Pathways is a pre-employment program that allows participants to learn on-the-job skills while volunteering for a local organization. Many gain valuable skills in work behavior, follow through, and actual experience that opens employment doors for them.

Darcy and Josh have both participated in Pathways, working at Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry. Darcy has completed her training and Josh is continuing in the program.

“Josh helps with carry-outs and restocking shelves,” Chuck said. “He’s very cooperative and attentive to the needs of his supervisors.”

“I like learning about jobs,” Darcy said, delighted at finding an item on her Bingo score card. “Last year I was in Pathways. I’m working here (SubCon) now, packing and lidding cups.”