Nursing is a joy for residential LPN

Carolyn Lawson 005 photoshoppedCarolyn Lawson worked for Olean General Hospital for 19 years before coming to the ReHab Center four years ago.  She thought she loved her job at the hospital until she met the people she cares for at the three residences where she’s an LPN.

“I love my job,” she said, matter-of-factly.  “It’s actually a job I truly enjoy.  I found my niche.”

She began at Hinsdale and then Big 6 was added, and more recently Fall Road joined her already busy schedule.

While Carolyn is working closer to 60 hours a week rather than her regular 40 hours, she’s happy for the extra hours. She rises at 3:30 am to be at Fall Road by 5 am to give meds. Despite the early hour, she looks forward to her day ahead.

So, what makes the difference between her years at the hospital and her job as a nurse at the residences?

“It’s the folks,” she said, smiling.  “Here at Fall Road there are 11 people.  They’re so open, they make you feel so appreciated, so valued.”

“Whenever I go anywhere in the Agency, like SubCon, when they see me, they jump up to say hi and just make me feel so good.”

In addition to giving meds, she provides medical care which may include breathing treatments, and dressing changes and direct care as needed. But, one of the perks of the job is joining them on recreational activities away from the residence.

“I’ve been on trips to Niagara Falls, the Erie Zoo and to Country Western concerts,” she said, adding “There are all kinds of fun things that people don’t realize we do.”

The job isn’t easier than the nursing she did at the hospital, but the people have embraced her, welcomed her, and in so many ways given back to her as much as she’s given to them.  It’s the bond of friendship she feels that makes her know she’ll be working as an LPN for the ReHab Center for many more years.