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The 34th annual SubCon Years of Service and Awards Banquet, held last Tuesday in St. Bonaventure University’s Hickey Dining Hall, was another year to remember.

More than 200 people attended the event that honored employees with SubCon Industries and the Employment Connection in five-year increments and those with outstanding work achievements.

“Many of our folks work both in our businesses or out in the community,” Mari Howard, CEO, said, alluding to the hard hitting initiative of the Employment Connection which has successfully helped many people find employment in the community.

“It’s a beautiful opportunity to be integrated and part of the community,” she said.

The celebration is supported by a grant from the Dr. Lyle F. Renodin Foundation grant.

While the annual event began with a fun-loving Elvis impersonator who delighted the group from SubCon and the Employment Connection, the event took a more serious and sincere turn as Russ Hahn, Chief Strategy Officer, announced the names of award recipients and why they were being honored.

When naming Noreen VonRhode for 45 years of service at SubCon Industries, Russ said, “I’ve known Noreen for 34 of the 45 years she’s been with the Agency (Russ has been with the Agency 34 years!), I would clone her and have a room full of people like her,” to the unanimous applause of all gathered.

He also smiled warmly at Billy Joe Olkosky, who was also being honored for 45 years on the job at SubCon, as he described him as “a kind-hearted individual who always has a smile on his face.”

SubCon Industries named Jill Cooley and Gary Cornell for 35 years of service; Vicki Jimerson, John Pockolony and Robert Richards for 30 years; Richard Holmes, Dale Roehner, and Candy Stephan for 25 years; Nancy Abbott, Donna Gardner and Angela Smith for 20 years; Daisy Brockel, Raymond Gynnip, Judy Paradowski, and Charlene Shaffer for 25 years; Danielle Bartlett for 10 years; and Nan Bargy, Justin Erckert, Victor Gallman, Heather George, and Brittany Tarr for five years.

Employment Connection honored John Ditta for 30 years, Paula Grove for 20 years, Christopher Morton for 15 years; Mary Jane Myers and Edward Smith for 10 years, and Lynn Weinaug for five years.

The Shining Star Award was presented to Harold Jones of Olean SubCon, Nan Bargy of Salamanca SubCon, and Misty Slocum from the Employment Connection.

The Rising Star Award was presented to Meredith Doyle of Olean SubCon, Jessica Johnson of Salamanca SubCon, and Nicole Herbert of the Employment Connection.

The Employee of the Year award went to Deb Spinler of the Employment Connection; John Dita and Pat McMillen of SubCon Cleaning Services, and Paul Ash and Marsha Kennedy of Foundations for Change.

The William B. Joslin Outstanding Performer Award was presented to Paula Grove. The Jim Bellanca ‘Build a Brighter Future’ award went to Ricky Stanton.

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