Foundation Making Dreams Come True -2Ronan Balcom is a happy and active two-year-old little boy. Ronan’s life started a bit early – he was born at 36 weeks and was a preemie.

Eighteen months later, Ronan was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Cerebral Palsy. He was also recently diagnosed with hyperkinesis and apraxia of speech. Despite all this, he doesn’t let very much slow him down, as you can see by the smile on his face.

That’s why when the Rehabilitation Foundation received a request to help fund the remaining balance on Ronan’s leg braces to assist with his walking and proper gait, the Foundation was happy to honor the request.

The Rehabilitation Foundation has a mission of supporting building brighter futures for people with disabilities.

The Rehabilitation Foundation not only achieved their mission by helping Ronan, but did it again when they provided funding to the Social Recreation program for nine people who were financially unable to participate in recreational trips due to financial constraints.

Foundation Making Dreams Come True -3Funding from the Foundation allowed for a fun-filled day including dinner at Olive Garden, a shopping trip and the centerpiece of the day, Buffalo Sabres game.

When questioned about the day, Dan said “I really liked the game and going out to eat with my mom. I just like spending time with her.” Daisy, Dan’s mom, said “I wished they (the Sabres) would have won. I liked spending time with Dan.”

And finally, Cappy said “I loved the game. Too bad the Bills and the Sabres lost! I love Olive Garden, it was delicious.”Foundation Making Dreams Come True -1

It was obvious that everyone had a wonderful time and made memories that will last a lifetime. This trip would not have been possible without the financial support of the Rehabilitation Foundation’s dedicated donors – because the Foundation relies heavily on donations to continue to providing programs, like our Social Recreation program, that are mission-critical, but which receive no dedicated funding.

The Rehabilitation Foundation is looking forward to making the next set of dreams come true!