Vocational Services


Intandem provides a range of person-centered employment services for eligible youth and adults with disabilities.  These programs provide opportunities for individuals to discover their personal interests and strengths and pursue successful employment or meaningful volunteer activities.  Individuals who are interested must be eligible by participating in each program’s application process.

Site Based Prevocational ServicesOPWDD

For individuals who would like the opportunity to prepare for community employment, site based prevocational servicesare available at the work centers in Olean and Niagara Falls.  The focus is on assisting each person to become familiar with the demands of the work place and learn skills that will enhance success in the work environment.  These include desired behaviors such as getting along with co-workers, following directions, attending to task, or safety at work. This program is a good first-step for individuals as it provides both group learning experiences and paid work on piece-rated assembly and packaging tasks in the work centers.

Community Prevocational Services OPWDD

Work alongside community volunteers at the local food pantry, nursing home, or school while learning new skills and practicing good work habits. Participate in time-limited work experiences at a local business to ‘try out’ a job to see what it’s like. This program focuses on developing the traits that employers want – dependability, honesty, and quality work performance – while enhancing the critical soft skills of following directions, attending to task, or workplace safety. Individuals are exposed to the same expectations as in a local business and develop their skills in time-management, interactions with co-workers and supervisors, and work pace.  This is a good way to find out if a person is ready to pursue community employment.

Supported Employment – ACCES-VR, OPWDD

When a person is ready to find a job, our experienced staff provide complete support services including assessments, work readiness, career exploration and discovery, job development and job placement during the search phase, along with job coaching and employer support once the person is employed. Staff have all the resources a person needs to find and keep a job!  Services are funded by ACCES-VR and OPWDD and OMH for long term coaching supports to ensure employment success.  Wage reimbursement for businesses can be approved through a Work Try Out (WTO) through ACCES-VR.

Employment Training Program – ETP

ETP is a program funded by OPWDD to provide wages and staffing for internships with local businesses.  This program is combined with supported employment services to develop partnerships with businesses that would hire and train an individual in their workforce while the individual is paid through NYS.  There is an expectation that the person would be hired by the employer when they demonstrate success. 

Intandem Solutions 

For more than 50 years Intandem Solutions, formerly known as Subcon Industries, has been employing people with disabilities to provide quality services to local businesses in shredding, packaging, mailing, commercial cleaning, assembly and light manufacturing in its two work centers in Olean and Salamanca. Learn more on the Intandem Solutions website.