Adolescent Community Residence


Licensed by New York State Office of Mental Health to provide out-of-home placement for adolescents (ages 12-17) struggling with home, school or community interactions.

The ultimate goal of the Community Residence is to support the entire family system to assist the adolescent’s growth within a gently structured environment. It guides the family and young person to learn, internalize and generalize concepts of appropriate coping skills, life skills, behavior management techniques and parenting techniques.

The Community Residence programming for each adolescent is designed to support each individual’s strengths and needs. The age, cognitive ability and capacity to maintain self-control, are all factored into the design of the youth’s individualized service plan.

The youth, along with their parents/guardians, help generate this service plan. Through assistance from the Treatment Team the young person’s and family’s best interests are always at the forefront.

While at the Community Residence all individuals attend public school and encouraged to participate in social and school activities when possible. The Community Residence has a recreation specialist who facilities and encourages the individuals to participate in community activities.

We are committed to creating an environment that enhances each individual’s full potential, through the use of a strengths-based, collaborative and trauma sensitive model of care.

Population Served

The Intandem Community Residence is an eight-bed, co-ed program in Olean, NY, which provides out-of-home placement for youth ages 12-17 with a mental health diagnosis that are having difficulties with appropriate interactions at home, in school or in the community.

Eligible youth for the program are struggling with family relationships, peer and social interactions and school performance. They must have the ability to live in a community-based setting and participate in school, social and recreational activities and attend appointments in the community.


  • Referral packets are available by calling the program case coordinator or supervisor.
  • Referrals will be reviewed by the Referral Review Committee.
  • Local SPOA committees representing the youth’s county of origin should be aware of the referral and be part of the review process to promote continuity of care.

Respite Service

The Community Residence also offers a Respite bed that can be utilized by youth within the community on a scheduled or emergent basis.

The Respite bed within the Community Residence provides access to families for temporary care of a child.

Community Residence workers supervise the child and provide a structured and safe environment. The goal of the community resident is to ease ongoing stress by promoting positive coping skills and strengthening family relationships.

The individual is given the opportunity to engage in activities with same-age peers to build age-appropriate social and behavioral health skills.