Other Children’s Services

Other Children’s Services

Individualized Care Coordination

(designed for children with severe emotional disorders, ages 5-21)

This service  is the first and ongoing point of engagement for the child and family. It performs the case management functions for the (HCBS) Waiver and oversees delivery of the remaining five services. It ensures on-going partnership with the Waiver child and family as well as ongoing collaboration with treatment providers. Individualized Care Coordination encompasses development and oversight of service plans.

Children’s Case Management  / Health Home

(designed for children diagnosed with a mental health disorder and/or a chronic health condition)

A Health Home is not a physical space. It is a children’s case management model. This service model has been created to provide quality family-driven, youth-guided care management to children and youth by partners experienced in both managing and providing care to children and their families.This is done primarily through a “care manager” who oversees and provides access to all of the services the child or youth need to ensure they stay healthy, out of the emergency room and out of the hospital.A Health Home is comprised of a network of organizations – providers, health plans and community-based organizations whereby all of a child’s caregivers communicate with each other to ensure all of a child’s needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner.

Children’s Waiver Services

(Cattaraugus Only)

This family-driven program helps parents/guardians keep their child at home rather than in a psychiatric hospital or residential treatment facility. The program offers six services aimed to improve the ability of the child and family cope with the issues with which he or she struggles most.

Who is eligible?
  • A child who experiences continued hospitalizations.
  • Is between 5 and 18 years of age.
  • Has complex mental health needs.
  • Has service and support needs that cannot be met by just one agency or system.
  • Is capable of being cared for in the home and/or community if provided access to waiver services.
  • Has available a consistent living environment with parents and/or guardians who are able and willing to participate in the program.

Crisis Response Services

Crisis Response Services provide assistance with your child’s severe outbursts or emergent psychiatric concerns when offices are closed.

Intensive In-Home Services 

Intensive In-Home Services help your child and family find new ways to approach your child’s behavior needs.

Family Support Services

Family Support Services are provided by people who are also parents of children with special needs. They have experienced similar situations and understand your challenge.

Skill Building Services

Skill-building services provide activities in the home and community and address recovery-oriented goals identified by the family.

Respite Services

Respite Services provide a break for the child and family to ease the stress at home and improve family harmony. Respite may be provided on a planned or emergency basis, and either in the home or out-of-home.

Parent Empowerment / Family Peer Support Program

Offered through Cattaraugus County Department of Community Services

Sometimes only someone who has experienced what you’re going through understands.

Family Peer Support Services offers knowledgeable and trained peer advocates who meet with parents to listen to their concerns. They connect parents with resources while also encouraging them to advocate for themselves and their children. Family Peer advocates have raised children who experienced social, emotional, developmental or behavioral challenges in their home, school, placement or community.

They have accompanied and advocated for youth through many complex systems. They understand the importance of having someone who is nonjudgmental, honors confidentiality and acknowledges the difficulties they face, with whom to discuss their parenting challenges.

Parent Empowerment / Support Groups:

A parent-driven mentoring program designed to empower parents. It is sensitive to cultural differences while offering strengths-based individualized support based on parents’ goals