In partnership with the City of Olean, Intandem has committed to building an inclusive playground in the City of Olean. This will be the first of its kind in Olean, and a much needed recreational resource for families and children – both disabled and non-disabled – to play together like all children should be able to do.

 The process of creating the playground plan, which is already underway, will be managed by Intandem, with assistance from city leaders, local families, and inclusive-playground experts from a nationally-acclaimed firm, Parkitects. While the cost is significant – estimated at over $500,000 – we are humbled to note that more than half of the funding has already been committed by our agency’s foundation, the Rehabilitation Foundation. 

Additionally, we are seeking grants that we expect will get us very close to our financial goal. Our hope is that businesses, individuals, and families who understand the importance of having an inclusive playground in Olean will come together to bridge the final portion of the funding, which we anticipate will be approximately $100,000.

Raised so far!
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$500,000 GOAL 75%

Check out our Inclusive Playground Video

Take a look at the amazing equipment that our park will feature. This video will demonstrate how the equipment works and will also provide details on the benefits of inclusive play!


The playground is part of a joint planning effort between Intandem and the City of Olean to improve Marcus Park and the adjacent Intandem Solutions site for the community, as well as connecting both to the Allegheny River Valley Trail.

Click here to read more about the collaboration between Intandem and the City of Olean.

Marcus Park - Olean, NY

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